directions_boatCruise in Fremantle & Exmouth

Cruise to Ningaloo to see the rarest of solar eclipses! (Fremantle roundtrip, April 2023)

The first hybrid eclipse to reach Australia in more than 1000 years!

This cruise offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view a rare "hybrid solar eclipse" as it tracks over the North West Cape of Western Australia. The ship will be in a prime position to catch a glimpse of the first eclipse of its kind to be visible from the Australian mainland in more than 1000 years!

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5 nights
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About this holiday

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Pacific Explorer

What is a hybrid solar eclipse?
Most solar eclipses are either total (when the moon is close enough to completely obscure the sun, revealing an otherworldly circle of light) or annular (when the moon is a little further away from the Earth and does not fully obscure the sun, instead creating a "ring of fire" effect).

A hybrid solar eclipse is a very rare event that can be viewed on Earth roughly once a decade; when the moon is just close enough that - depending on your vantage point - it can transition from an annular eclipse into a total one!

This cruise will give you a unique vantage point to see this "King of Eclipses" off the coast of Exmouth, the only place on mainland Australia where this eclipse will be visible in more than 1,000 years.* An event not to be missed!

*Whilst every effort will be made to position the ship in view of a total solar eclipse, this is not guaranteed.


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  • Includes taxes, fees and port expenses.
  • Dining inclusions:

    • MY TABLE DINING: Enjoy your dinner at both the same time and table each night with a choice of two seating time options. Your waiter will look forward to welcoming you back every night. My Table Dining is available in Angelo’s, Dragon Lady and Waterfront Restaurant.
    • MY CHOICE DINING: Dine when, where and how you choose. Reservations can be made each night or you can join us at your leisure. We look forward to welcoming you in any and all of our venues.
    • CASUAL DINING:From delicious burgers by the poolside to expertly brewed coffee with cake, our casual dining venues serve up all of your favourites. The hardest part will be choosing what to order.


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    Interior Queen
    • Inside cabin (IF) from $1235 per person twin share
    • Outside cabin (OG) from $1519 per person twin share
    • Balcony cabin (BE) from $2089 per person twin share

    Travel dates



    • 17-22 April 2023 - Fremantle to Fremantle




    • 17 April - departing Fremantle 9pm
    • 18 April - at sea
    • 19 April - at sea
    • 20 April - 8am-2pm - Solar eclipse viewing
    • 21 April - at sea
    • 22 April - arrive Fremantle 6am


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    Travel at 60 and cruise line booking conditions apply. Please enquire for more information.