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Birthday Sale: See the Southern Lights on an unforgettable scenic flight! (2022 roundtrips from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth)

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Fly into the night aboard a chartered Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner to witness one of the world's most magical natural phenomena - the Aurora Australis.

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About this holiday

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Southern Lights Flight Map

Many people spend a small fortune to fly to Norway, Canada or the Arctic Circle to see the Northern lights, but did you realise that you can see the same phenomena on a flight departing from Australia? Take off onboard a Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, you will head south over the Southern Ocean towards Antarctica, aiming for latitudes of 62 degrees south where the Aurora Australis is brightest.The duration of the flight varies between 10-13 hours depending on departure airport.



>Seat options from Economy Class-Limited View to Premium Business

> Two Full-Service Qantas meals plus snacks

> Full Bar Service including champagne, beer, spirits and soft drinks

> Choose your viewing on the in seat entertainment system

> Knowledge and leadership by experienced Antarctica specialists and photographers.


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Business Class seats onboard

Providing optimal comfort and space for every passenger is at the core of the Qantas Dreamliner design which features 236 seats - less than most other aircraft of its type. The aircraft is fitted with state-of-the-art technology to reduce turbulence, improve noise quality and reduced aircraft vibrations fora smoother flight. Every seat has been designed to offer the ultimate comfort for long-haul flyers. The windows on the Dreamliner are 65% larger than comparable aircraft windows, providing an increased sense of space and the opportunity for passengers to see more of the world.

Economy Class - Limited View

Limited View seats do not have direct access to a window. These passengers are given priority access to stand in the common areas to enjoy the view. Passengers will enjoy Qantas’s International service. All economy customers will enjoy a full meal service for dinner & breakfast as well as inflight entertainment. These seats do not rotate.

Economy Class - Wing

These economy seats are over the wing. This does obstruct views of the night sky however many photographers like the wing as it gives great perspective in images and video. All economy customers will enjoy a full meal service for dinner & breakfast. There will be a seat swap during the flight to give everyone the opportunity to get better views through the large windows.

Economy Class - No Wing

These economy seats have unobstructed views from the windows. All economy customers will enjoy a full meal service for dinner & breakfast. On the Dreamliner B787’s you’ll enjoy the next generation and award-winning Recaro seat, ergonomically designed for optimal comfort. Everything has been thought of to support your travel needs –mood lights, storage areas, inflight entertainment and even a personal electronic device shelf. There will be a seat swap during the flight to give everyone the opportunity to get better views through the large windows.

Premium Economy Class

Stretch out and relax in Qantas’s award-winning Premium Economy cabin, with luxurious levels of space and attentive service. Seated in an intimate and private cabin, you’ll enjoy the benefits of flying premium with a well thought out seat design, indulgent touches to make you feel at home plus a refreshed menu and an extensive wine list. All while you enjoy magnificent views of the Southern Lights through large windows. There will be a seat swap during the flight to give everyone the opportunity to get better views through the large windows.

Business Class

Enjoy the same wonderful seating and service as Premium Business Class customers. The difference is the seats are situated over the wing. This does slightly obstruct views of the night sky however many photographers like the wing as it gives great perspective in images and video. These seats will undergo a swap to ensure everyone gets ample time in a window seat.

Premium Business Class

Admire wide views in utmost comfort with full international business class service in a Premium Business Class seats. The windows in the Dreamliner are 65% larger than comparable aircraft windows. In Premium Business Class, you will enjoy a super soft leather seat that transforms into a luxurious two-metre lie-flat bed, with a memory foam mattress, two full-size pillows anda cosy duvet. The extensive storage space, wide range of seat adjustments and in-seat massage options will suit your personal needs. And all lie-flatbeds have direct aisle access. The window and adjacent aisle seats will swap throughout the flight to give everyone ample time in the window seat.

Travel dates


Please note prices are subject to availability at time of booking and may change or be withdrawn at any time without notice.

Book by 24 September 2021 and Save 10% on all cabin types

Depart Sydney - 02 April 2022 & 24 Sep 2022

Depart Melbourne - 30 April 2022

Pricing applicable ex Sydney and Melbourne:

Economy Limited View - Was $1295 NOW $1165.50 per person

Economy (Wing) - Was $2095NOW $1885.50 per person

Economy (No wing) - Was $2495 NOW $2245.50 per person

Premium Economy - Was $3995 NOW $3595.50 per person

Business Class - was $6395 NOW $5755.50 per person

Business Premium - was $6995 NOW $6295.50 per person

Depart Brisbane -01 Apr 2022

Depart Perth - 25 Jun 2022

Pricing applicable ex Brisbane and Perth:

Economy Limited View - was $1395 NOW $1255.50 per person

Economy (Wing) - was $2395 NOW $2155.50 per person

Economy (No wing) - was $2895 NOW $2605.50 per person

Premium Economy - was $4495 NOW $4045.50 per person

Business Class - was $6995 NOW $6295.50 per person

Business Premium - was $7695 NOW $6925.50 per person



Depending on your departure city, you will travel approximately 9,500km round trip (based on Melbourne regular flight), and slightly longer ex Sydney or Perth.

Fly far away from light pollution, high above the clouds and weather systems to see a magical and unforgettable display with uninterrupted views of the southern lights. Along the way you will see constellations, stars, and planets as you have never witnessed them before. Throughout the flights you will receive a full inflight catering service in both business and economy classes. Expert astronomers will provide information on route about how an aurora is created, as well as pointing out their favourite night sky objects. They will instruct you on how to photograph an aurora and we will have a photographer onboard to assist on how best to use your cameras.

At the latitudes these flights are heading to, it doesn’t get properly dark between September and March. That’s why The Aurora flights run between Autumn and Spring. On the flight you will fly to the Auroral Zone, which is an area around the South Magnetic Pole. The South Magnetic Pole moves over time and is actually much further north than the geographical South Pole. The South Magnetic Pole is currently located in the Southern Ocean, south of Australia and just off the coast of Antarctica.


Aboard the privately chartered aircraft, you will experience unparalleled viewing of the magical Aurora Australis. Enjoy Qantas service –including premium drinks, delicious meals, and access to a range of inflight entertainment. The duration of the flight varies between 10-13 hours depending on departure airport and would typically hope to see a couple of hours of Auroral activity over the course of the trip. Viewing of the Aurora is an exciting experience, but it is important to note that there is a difference between viewing the Aurora with the naked eye versus what the camera captures. Striking images and videos of the Aurora that you may have seen are captured thanks to the extreme sensitivity of modern digital cameras. To help guests we will have a professional photographer onboard who can assist you in getting the best possible results. If you are an avid photographer or astronomer, we highly recommend you choose a premium seat or book a full row in economy to guarantee window access through out the duration of the flight. Guests should be aware that once in the Aurora zone the cabin lights will be turned off to enable best viewing.



Flight is subject to CASA and other regulatory approvals.

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Fine print


Deposit and final payments A non-refundable deposit per passenger is due at the time of booking equivalent to:

1. Economy class seats AUD$500.00 per person

2. Premium Economy AUD$750.00 per person

3. Business class seats AUD$1000.00 per person

Final payment of your booking balance is required eight weeks prior to your departure date.

Book with Confidence. Should your flight not be able to depart due to government restrictions with coronavirus, you can choose from either of the following:
1. Transfer to an alternative departure date at no extra cost. Subject to availability.
2. Receive a full refund, excluding a $75 per person administration fee.
3. A 100% travel credit to use when booking another Chimu Adventures product.

What is the probability of seeing an Aurora?

As we are in Nature’s hands we cannot guarantee a sighting, but there is an over 95% chance of encountering the stunning beauty of theSouthern Lights in a magnificent, unforgettable display.

How long will we see the Aurora for?

As you will appreciate, the Aurora is a natural phenomenon, so this can never be guaranteed. However, on previous two charter flights, passengers enjoyed 4 and 6 hours of viewing.

How does the seat swap work?

We will be doing a seat swap during the flight. As can be seen on theSeat Swap diagram on the Seating Plan the aim is to give passengers in the seating classes that will be doing a seat swap time in a window seat or seat next to a window. Please Note the Economy Class –Limited View category will not be doing a seat swap. The helpfulQantas staff onboard will be facilitating the seat swap and instructing on the cleaning regime required during the process.

What if it is bad weather?

As we fly above the clouds and the weather systems and due to the great navigational ability of the Dreamliner sightings of the Aurora should not be affected by weather.

Where will we fly?

From departure, we will head south aiming for latitudes of 62 degrees south, our ultimate flight path will depend on where we find theAurora.

What time will we fly?

To get the best Aurora’s we need to fly at night. This means that the flights will depart mid evening and arrive home early the next morning.

What are the Aurora colours going to look like?

The Aurora Australis photographs in this brochure have been taken during previous flights from New Zealand. Depending on the activity on the night, most people will be able to see at least some Auroral activity. The depth and range of colours that people can see sometimes vary from person to person. Modern digital cameras have greater sensitivity and can capture more colours and greater contrast.

Are there any age Restrictions for the Flight?

There are no age restriction on the flights, although please be aware that there is no discounted pricing for children. Please Note: this is a long flight for young children and we do not recommend the trip for children aged 8 years and younger.Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Can I use or redeem Qantas Frequent Flyer points or credits for my flight?

As this is a chartered flight, they do not accumulate or accept frequent flyer points. Any credits held with Qantas can also not be used to purchase these flights.

Can I access the Qantas Airport Lounge?

Yes, the Qantas Airport Lounges can be accessed for passengers who hold the required loyalty status.

Can I reserve a particular seat?

You can select a seating class but not a particular seat. The Seating allocation will be finalised close to departure taking into consideration all booking requirements.

Can I offset the carbon emissions from my flight?

As a member of Responsible Travel, Chimu Adventures have always put measures in place to reduce our impact on the environment. We will be offsetting the carbon emissions of all the Southern Lights Flights.


The health and safety of passengers and crew will be taken seriously during COVID 19. As such these additional COVID safety measures are in play, in partnership with Qantas and airport authorities:

• In the days prior to departure and for the peace of mind of all passengers, everyone boarding the flight will be required to complete a Health and Safety declaration form.

• A contactless temperature test will be conducted on all passengers prior to embarkation (depending on transmission rates in the state of departure at the time). Those people with a fever (38°C or higher) will be denied boarding, but, will receive a credit for a future Antarctica Flight.

• To reduce congestion on board, not all seats in Economy Class will be utilised. This will allow more space for passengers.

• Each passenger will receive a personal Qantas pack for the flight including disposable mask, sanitiser and disinfectant wipes.

• There is enhanced cleaning of the aircraft with a disinfectant effective against coronaviruses including during the seat swap process. The aircraft’s air conditioning system is fitted with hospital-grade HEPA filters, which remove 99.9% of all particles, including viruses. Air inside the cabin is refreshed every few minutes, ensuring high air quality.

• Additional sanitisers will be available on board throughout the duration of the flight.

• Depending on transition rates in your state at the date of departure and the latest medical advice at the time, there may be additional measures implemented closer to departure.

Travel at 60 and supplier booking conditions apply. Prices are correct as at 08 April 2021 & are subject to change at any time without notice. Prices are per person. Valid for new bookings only. All product is subject to availability and may be withdrawn or varied without notice.