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Circle the entire globe on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure — or pick and choose from a range of shorter segments.

World Cruise
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2026 World Cruise from Sydney or Brisbane
World Cruise
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2026 World Cruise from Sydney or Brisbane
Easter Island
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Easter Island
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Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with a cruise around the world from Australia. Explore the wonders of the world on board one of the luxury world cruise liners, including the popular Princess world cruise.

With roundtrips departing from Sydney and Brisbane, world cruises are the ultimate bucket list holiday with an astonishing itinerary to satisfy even the most seasoned traveller's bucket list. These global circumnavigations offer an extraordinary look at this beautiful planet; a chance to take several months off to see dozens of incredible destinations over multiple continents. With dozens of cities and countries on the itinerary, find a world cruise deal here for you.

Call 1300 414 198 to learn more about these incredible voyages, browse our full range of cruises around the world, or read on for our top recommendations.

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Gulfoss Wterfall
2026 World Cruise from Sydney or Brisbane
2026 World Cruise from Sydney or Brisbane
World Cruise 2025
Antartica Iceberg

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