Holidays ideal for single travellers

Travelling solo? Here’s where you’ll find our current top recommendations, including:

  • Holidays with low (or, when available, completely waived) single supplements
  • Dedicated solo deals created especially with you in mind
  • Trains and cruise ships with the option of single cabins

We also recommend browsing our Travel at 60 community holidays. These dedicated over-60s groups are a great way to meet like-minded travel lovers. You can even choose to avoid the (comparatively low) single supplement by sharing accommodation with another single traveller of the same gender. Learn more here.

Can’t find the holiday you’re after? As a full-service travel agency, Travel at 60 can help you find a great deal on any kind of solo holiday. Call 1300 414 198 (for the cost of a local call anywhere in Australia) for a friendly chat about your next adventure!